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Deemar Compliance and Operational Services


  • Competitive in pricing
  • Understand the commercial approach to your business
  • Provide 24/7 coverage (subject to agreement)
  • Provide clear agreements and reports concerning business dealings with your firm.
  • All consultancy work is constantly reviewed to ensure that I remain ‘fit for purpose’
  • Ensure that appropriate safeguards are put in place to enable you to monitor the service provided
  • Experience has been gained through working within the financial services sector for the last 25 years and includes corporate firms Northern Rock, Halifax, HSBC and within the broker market as operations and compliance manager/directors dealing directly with the relevant regulators


  • Direct links with financial institutes within the UK markets which include the compliance sections of these businesses
  • Direct links with regulators ( FCA, MOJ and ICO)
  • Proud Members of The Association of Professional Compliance consultants (APCC)

Provide varying types of service

  • Daily and monthly consultancy
  • Standard 12 monthly service level agreement
  • Full 12 monthly service level agreement
  • Before you decide, call me and discuss your requirements in more detail

Remember: ‘You cannot contract out your regulatory obligations. The firm – will remain responsible to ensuring sound compliance with the requirements and standards under the regulatory system, whether or not a compliance consultant has been appointed’.


Deemar Financial Services Compliance

Areas covered:   Mortgages, Secured, Guarantor loans, unsecured loans, Mortgages and non-investement general insurance including Bridging, buy to lets and business loans

  • Designed to provide you with everything you will need to operate your business in a compliant manner.
  • My aim is to assist you in developing your loan and insurance business, whilst ensuring that your business conforms to the various regulations.
  • Provide compliance and operations consultancy for brokers, Intermediaries and lenders – I won’t just visit you and provide a list of things you are not doing and walk away, I will provide a detailed report to point out the areas requiring action and then help you to project manage the necessary changes.


Deemar Debt Management Compliance

Areas covered: Debt management, IVA’s, Bankruptcy and Settlements.

  • CCL Licence coming up for renewal ? Or just need an overview ?
  • I can provide compliance and operational solutions for your company
  • Regular auditing and assistance (daily, monthly, quarterly and annually)
  • Operational procedure and compliance guides covering all aspects of regulation.


Claims management

My experience has been gained through working within the Claims management industry who are regulated by the Ministry of Justice,

  • Operational procedure guides.
  • Compliance guides
  • Regulation audit reviews and assistance (daily, monthly,quarterly and annually)


I.T. Services

  • IT Services company with 25 years experience in the Finance Industry
  • Can help with all areas of I.T. – Email, Web Hosting, Databases, Integration, Desktop Support, Networks etc
  • Maintenance / Service Level Agreements available for your peace of mind
  • Fast, reasonably priced service


Deemar Trade Mark Services

Provide varying types of service, including :

  • Trade mark audits
  • Clearance searches
  • Registration of Trade marks in the UK and abroad


Data Governance

Provide advice and consultancy work concerning Data Governance and controls for a number of different organisations within in the UK, which includes

  • Identifying risks within a business
  • Creating ‘Data Governance programmes’
  • Complying with legal standards and regulation
  • Protecting data with improved security measures

Legal services

I can arrange legal assistance in a number of areas which compliments my operational support to your company.

Service and advice areas:

1.   Full lender services, to include arrears recovery, management and sale of repossessed properties and short fall recovery

2.  Consumer Credit advice, to include compliance issues and the preparation of agreements and other documentation

3. Professional negligence claims and other civil litigation



Pendry Selection Services was one of the first Recruitment Agencies to establish itself within the Finance Industry they have been drawing successfully on its in-depth knowledge of the Consumer Finance and Mortgage industries and network of important connections, for the last 30 years.

With huge success over the years, PSS has grown to cover all areas within Consumer Finance, with an eye to further expansion into other market sectors. Debt management, litigation, secured & unsecured Loans, delinquency control, mortgage lending and credit are just a few areas where our position as the leading personnel provider for consumer companies is acknowledged.


Deemar Compliance Manuals

  • Personalised compliance reporting and procedures process.
  • Covering all aspects of record keeping

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We are a member of the Association of Professional Compliance Consultants   

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