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Deemar UK Limited was established on the 13th January 2007 by Richard Darlington (Managing Director)

Employed in the UK financial services sector since June 1983.

Employment included working within Banking, Mortgages, Secured Lending, unsecured lending and general non-investment insurance markets

In late 2018 it was decided that the company would start to offer services in Cyber Security Consultancy (SSS) by establishing a separate trading as company. The trading as company will be managed and directed by James Potter-Irwin and work consulted out to specialists.

Deemar UK Limited is a member of the Association of Professional compliance consultants (APCC) for over 7 years.

Aim is to deliver strategic compliance/operational project management processes for clients, whilst ensuring adherence to all current and relevant regulation by:

  • Monitoring, understanding, communicating and implementing current and future regulatory developments
  • Developing and implemented effective compliance/operational and conduct risk frameworks
  • Developing and managing appropriate risk and compliance/operational tools to assess and report business compliance
  • Developing, implementing and maintaining appropriate level of corporate governance within the businesses to ensure compliance with the relevant regulation
  • Providing direction, advice, training and support at director and senior management level regarding all compliance/operational matters
  • Providing direction, advice for customer satisfaction/professionalism.
  • Competitive pricing


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