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Trade Mark Services

We provide varying types of service including:

  • Trade mark audits
  • Clearance searches
  • Registration of Trade marks in the UK and abroad

What we can assist with:

Trade Mark Audits

We shall be happy to discuss your requirements by analysing the trade marks your business uses and advising you on a cost effective strategy for protecting your valuable brands.


We provide reliable searches and evaluate the results to give you a clear indication whether a trade mark is free to be used and registered.

Trade Mark Registrations

We are able to apply directly for UK Trade Mark registrations, we negotiate with the Trade Marks Registry to overcome official objections to achieve the best possible protection.

International Trade Registrations

Once you have filed a UK application, you can extend your protection to foreign countries that are signatories to the Madrid Protocol. We shall be pleased to provide you with more details.

Foreign Registrations

We have a world-wide network of reliable associates able to assist in the registration of trade marks in countries that are not part of the Madrid Protocol.

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